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A ten week evening course in Practical Philosophy

Course Outline

Practical Philosophy Course Outline

The course focuses on how students can practically apply philosophy in helping to enjoy a richer, less stressful life.

This School does not use an academic approach but proceeds by encouraging every student to share what they know and believe to be true while remaining open to change. Our tutors are fee-paying students themselves and are not remunerated for managing classes; they reflect the value of the work they have done on themselves.

In the first term of Practical Philosophy there is an exploration with simple exercises in mindfulness; practices that can help one live in the present moment and apply wisdom in everyday life. For example, when faced with a difficult problem we could ask ourselves ‘What would a wise person do here?

The class will look at practical methods of examining who we are and how to tap into our true potential. Among other topics, we will consider the levels of awareness, discussing how to become more awake to the world around us.

After attending this first term there will be an opportunity to continue the study of practical philosophy using a theme-based approach. So, In the second term we explore the nature of happiness; why it can be difficult to find, and explore how best to retain it. In the third term, Love.

Being mindful remains a constant theme and methods are offered to strengthen the capability of the mind to pay attention, remain focussed and develop the ability to bring the mind to stillness.

If you would like more detail then contact us on 01892 616144 or email practicalphilosophykent@gmail.com