Welcome to School of Philosophy Kent

Evening courses in Practical Philosophy


Over the past 30 years more than a thousand students have attended the ten week course in practical philosophy held in Kent. With very few exceptions, all have found them to be of great interest and practical benefit. Although the course is self contained it also serves as the beginning of a lifetime’s exploration into the nature of yourself.

The course has a very strong emphasis on learning from the most powerful teacher of all, your own experience. It is not an academic approach and there are no exams. The School welcomes a healthy spirit of enquiry and sees this as a prime requisite for making the most of what is on offer.

You will examine your understanding and attitude towards key subjects and compare them with the experiences and wisdom of others. Then you choose to practice something new or carry on as you are. With this approach you can explore, in a practical way, fundamental questions such as Why is this happening to me?, Why am I here? or How can I bring more stillness to the mind? You could say that unless you start doing something different, you are choosing to have for more of the same.

Those completing the course are invited to return for further term’s study where some of the issues covered are examined in more detail.

All the work within the Kent Branch, including the tuition, is carried out on a volunteer basis. The tutors are students of philosophy themselves either in Kent or in London– there are no paid staff. The fees we charge are used to cover the cost of renting accommodation, advertising the course and other administration.