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Evening courses in Practical Philosophy

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The Practical Philosophy course focuses on how to apply philosophy to enjoy a richer, less stressful life.

Through the weeks there will be an exploration of simple exercises in mindfulness, practices that can help one live in the present moment and apply wisdom in everyday life.

The class will look at practical methods of examining who we really are and how to tap into our true potential. 

Classes will consider the deeper levels of awareness, discussing how to become more awake to the world around us.

Face to face Practical Philosophy 10 week classes  start on September 20th in Maidstone and on the 22nd in Tonbridge beginning at 7:15. Click here to enrol.

You will join a new class. The subject this term matter will feature Wisdom. Topics include:


If you wish to study the same course Online using Zoom there will be national classes starting on Monday May 2nd 2022.

For more detail and to enrol click here.